The Liberty Project Slogan

Through coordination with the communities in which we work and  rigorous adherence to safe operations, the partners of the Liberty Project will create the jobs of today while strengthening Alaska’s energy future.

Project Details

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Proven technology and development on a fully contained gravel island

  • Situated in the Beaufort Sea, the Liberty facility will produce oil from a gravel island. Artificial islands in the region date back to the mid-1970s. In the last 40 years, 18 islands have been constructed for exploration and/or development of oil and gas off the coast of Alaska.
  • Alaska has a 30-year record of safely operating offshore in the Arctic. Endicott, the first offshore development on the North Slope, has been in operation for almost three decades, and now there are three other offshore fields in production: Northstar (2001), Oooguruk (2008) and Nikaitchuq (2011).
  • The Liberty project will involve construction similar to the Northstar Island.

A Team of Experts

The Liberty Project team is comprised of seasoned professionals that specialize in the following key areas:

A Long History of Safe Operations

A few highlights include:

1973: ExxonMobil constructs first artificial exploration island in the Beaufort Sea

1979: First Arctic offshore lease sale offered by U.S. government in the Beaufort Sea

1982: Shell completes Seal Island well in the Beaufort Sea, later developed by BP under the name Northstar field

1987: Construction of Endicott Island begins

1996: BP acquires OCS lease 1650 and initiates permitting activity for the Liberty #1 Exploration Well

1997: Drilling of BP’s Liberty No.1 exploratory well begins

1997: BP discovers an estimated 120 million barrels of recoverable reserves from the Liberty prospect

1999: Construction of Northstar Island begins

2006: Construction of Ooguruk Island begins

2008: The U.S. Geological Survey releases report stating that the Arctic represents almost 22% of the world’s remaining undiscovered oil reserves.

2010: Spy Island is built to produce resources in the Nikaitchuq field

2014: Hilcorp acquires 50% ownership of Liberty, files new development plan

2015: ASRC Exploration (AEX) acquires 10% working interest in Liberty to partner with BP and Hilcorp

2017: Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) released August 18th